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AMAZING JUNGLE FLY FISHING FOR a myriad of jungle fish, including peacock bass, payara, wolf fish, pacu and more. beautiful lodge and amazing fishing experience.


Kendjam Lodge offers an amazing jungle / Amazon Rainforest fly fishing experience. It is worth visiting for the wildlife and overall experience alone, but the fishing really can be exceptional. The lodge is beautifully appointed right on the banks of the Iriri River, giving you easy access to the fishing and the fish-rich waters. 

Superb fishing is available within a short distance of the lodge and new water is fished and explored daily. A myriad of species to keep you entertained during your stay – you could target a different species each day.


Kendjam is an exclusive fishing project allowed and supported by Brazilian Government. Environmental Officials and FUNAI worked together with the Indian Association to create these very first official sport fishing operations in Brazil located inside an Indigenous Territory. 

Kendjam is a remote and small indigenous community (15 Kayapo families live in Kendjam) right in the middle of most preserved Kayapo land and is located in the epicenter of the Kayapó Indigenous Nation: the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory, an area of 5 million hectares of pure virgin Amazon forest. Only 700-Indian live in this enormous area, creating one of the most isolated portions of Tropical Jungle on earth.

Kendjam is located 550 miles southeast from Manaus and plane will land on the airstrip right in the Kendjam Indian Community. The Iriri River headwaters system inside the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory (more than 700kms), never fished before by white people. The Iriri River begins its journey inside the jungle in the border of Mato Grosso and Para states, and run into the northeast side of the Brazilian Amazon for more than 1300kms. It’s a tributary of the mystic Xingu River. The dry season is the low crystal clear water season and runs from June to late October in the Iriri River Basin, and the perfect moment for the adventure angler meet the most intense jungle fishing experience.


Kendjam is located near the headwaters of the Irirí river, in one of the most hidden areas of Brazilian Amazon; the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory.

This environment offers the first multi species Amazon fly fishing destination where an angler can target over ten different species in crystal clear fast waters. The river system runs over a huge granite base, which facilitates wet wading and many sight casting opportunities.

Anglers can use five to eight weight rods and rely on many of trout/steelhead/salmon water reading skills and fly-fishing techniques to catch several new jungle species from Peacock Bass to Payara, Pacu, Wolf fish and many more!

Just eight anglers per week will fish this magnificent area of more than 100kms of crystal clear waters.

accommodation and pricing

The accommodation at Kendjam Lodge is constructed of comfortable wood cabins with four double occupancy en-suite rooms with hot running water and electric light / plugs.

The lodge is located in a wonderful Sandy beach area in front of a gorgeous pool of Iriri river, 45 kms downstream the Kendjam community.

Every day, guests will be delighted by wonderful cuisine in a well-fashioned living and dining room. Satellite Internet wireless connection and phone service are provided for all guests. There also a porch to enjoy the magnificent sunset at Iriri river.

Solar panels provide full electric power every night and each cabin has electricity. You may charge batteries and use an electric shaver in every cabin. Kendjam provides a laundry service at the lodge at no additional cost. Just leave your clothes in a designated container, and they will be returned washed and clean, usually within a day.

For the most adventurous anglers, Kendjam provides a two-night out camp location to reach the far and most wild areas of the Iriri.

The lodge accommodates just eight rods per week in twin, en-suite rooms. Cost of a week is US$6,250, which includes the charter to / from the jungle. There is also an additional fee of US$530 to cover, which is for the Indian Reserve Territory Fee.

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