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When it comes to targeting wild rainbow trout on the fly, you will struggle to beat Estancia Laguna Verde in terms of numbers and average size. It really is a gift from nature and a place that every avid trout angler should visit at least once. There’s a huge amount of water to explore, from Lago Strobel (Jurassic Lake) through to the Barrancoso River and even the Moro Creek. The lodge is finished to a great standard and is very well equipped. FishTravel highly recommends a visit, it’s a superb place.


Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge is strategically located a stone’s throw from the beautiful “Laguna Verde” (Green Lake). This lake offers great fishing in its own right, and is often a great place to start and end your visit – you are literally just a cast away from the fantastic trout fishing! There are then a network of roads throughout the Estancia, which take you to a myriad of different fish-rich waters, which cater for different tastes. You can literally fish a different water each day. 

Experienced anglers from all over the globe visit Estancia Laguna Verde every season to target what is regarded some of the best wild rainbow trout fishing in the world and certainly in Argentina. Strategically located, the lodge has exclusive access to more than 14 kilometres of Strobel Lake, more than 10 kilometres of the best fishing areas on the Barrancoso river, 10 kilometres of the recently discovered Moro Creek, and more than 12 smaller lakes and lagoons chained by Moro Creek to explore. Estancia Laguna Verde offers the best and most varied fishing experiences in the whole of Argentina.


You dictate the daily schedule and you can literally fish a new water every single day of your stay. Indeed, it will seem like a week long stay is too short when you begin to appreciate the vastness of the area and the Estancia. 

Over the years, Estancia Laguna Verde has understood and absorbed what draws the appeal of the guests; sight fishing in crystal waters to cruising fish using floating lines, slow stripping small to medium size streamers and nymphs, skating big foam flies and mouse patterns, or even hanging shrimp patterns and small nymphs from big dries. Whilst the weather can dictate a lot of the tactics, the lodge and excellent guide team will always make sure you get the best experience possible from your stay.

The lodge is set some five hours from the town and airport of El Calafate in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina. Estancia Laguna Verde offers varied fishing opportunities on a daily basis, that include fishing on the world renowned Jurassic Lake (Lago Strobel), where monster rainbow trout of over 30 lbs have been recorded, with fish of around and over 20 lbs being recorded most weeks.

Beyond the main lake, the huge estancia has a plethora of other options open to you, which include around a dozen smaller lakes that hold extremely hard fighting, wild rainbows that also reach into double figures, with the closest lake (Laguna Verde) being just a few meters from the extremely comfortable lodge. Estancia Laguna Verde also offers some of the best river fishing for wild rainbow trout in the world. The river holds an amazing amount of fish, where numerous hook-ups per day are commonplace and fish into double figures often making an appearance.

For those that enjoy small stream fishing, there is also the Moro Creek, which only runs for a small part of the early season. This is great to fish with a light rod, where wild rainbow trout in the 2 – 5 lbs range are fairly common.

accommodation and pricing

The amazing house staff and guide team make Estancia Laguna Verde the full package and what people keep returning for. They make you feel like part of the family during your stay and they are always around to look after you and your needs. Food and wine at the lodge is fantastic, which is enjoyed with a vista overlooking the Green Lake / Laguna Verde. 

The Lodge is a typical estancia house accommodating up to 10 anglers per week. It has 7 double bedrooms with comfortable en-suite bathrooms, which have hot running water, and each room has 2 single beds (Single room lodging and guiding can be provided at an additional cost).

The spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde is one of the favourite spots in the lodge. Anglers can sip on a cocktail while enjoying slide shows of the catches of the day. Satellite TV connection and a DVD player are available for entertainment. For complete relaxation, there is a room with a fly tying desk and library to enjoy when not fishing.

There is a changing room / drying facility located just by the entrance door of the lodge to use before and after fishing. 

The Lodge also offers Satellite and IP telephone and free unlimited wireless Internet access. To avoid extra luggage, anglers can use the computer at the lodge, if they wish. Windmill generators, and fuel generators as back up, guarantee the energy demands of the Lodge, providing electricity (220 volt.) 24 hours a day. Laundry service is provided twice a week if desired by guests, as well as any other special attention needed or wanted – just ask.

Cost of a week (7 nights with 6 days fishing) is just US$5,950 per angler. Shorter stays are also available with cost for a five night stay being US$4,650, or a four night stay being US$3,850. There are also single room and single based guide rates to explore, along with non-angler rates. Please contact FishTravel with such requirements. 

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