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bristol bay lodge

one of the best fishing lodges in the world, as voted by forbes magazine. fantastic mixed species fly fishing experience along with a great lodge and service. highly recommended. 


Bristol Bay Lodge is ideally located to explore a plethora of waters in the Bristol Bay area. It is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Aleknagik with the lodge accessed by boat for a true remote experience. 

During your stay, there is an opportunity visit two fantastic outcamps, that add to the wilderness experience. 

A great lodge for those looking to fish for multiple species during one stay. Highly recommended for both beginners and more advanced anglers.

Massive supply of great quality equipment available, including waders.


When it comes to luxury Alaskan fishing retreats, Bristol Bay Lodge has been ranked the fourth best fishing lodge in the world by Forbes magazine and the best of all Alaskan lodges. From the breath-taking views of the stunning Alaskan wilderness, to the comfortable elegance of the main lodge with its professionally equipped kitchen, dining room, and great room featuring a fireplace, and large, well-furnished fly tying bench – they have everything to make your trip unforgettable.

After an exhilarating day of fishing, the lodge’s decks are a favourite gathering place for appetisers, cocktails, and weekly barbecues, if the weather permits. Enjoy the hot tub or sauna and feel your worries and stress melt away under a huge wilderness night sky full of stars. 


Bristol Bay  Lodge has explored and fished the Bristol Bay region and Western Alaska in general extensively for over forty years.

Based on this experience, they have designed and fine-tuned a guided fishing programme that maximises your fishing opportunities. During your stay at Bristol Bay Lodge, you will fish a different location each day and have the opportunity to catch every species of fish available to you during any given week.

Each evening you will be informed of your next day’s fishing adventure by an experienced fishing guide. Every aspect of the day will be explained, and you will be fully informed and confident that you are prepared for whatever the next day brings.

Bristol Bay Lodge has six different and spectacular fishing destinations, and each fishery you visit will be unique and memorable. Four of these fisheries will be utilised in your two overnight camp experiences, and two will be fished from the lodge, as day fisheries. 

accommodation and pricing

During warm weather the lodge’s decks are a favourite gathering place for appetisers, cocktails and weekly barbecues. As waves gently break against the shore and fish leap from the blue waters, you can relax in the hot tub or sauna after a long day of fishing, and keep your waders and rain jackets dry in the drying room.

In addition to the eight spacious bedrooms in the main lodge, there are four comfortable and private cabins set around the grounds. These cedar cabins are often used for small groups or families. Each has its own character and a scenic view of Lake Aleknagik.

There are two outcamps to visit during your stay. Both camps have three twin, carpeted, and heated guest tents with two fixed beds, and fresh linens. On these beds you will find warm, full sized sleeping bags with fleece liners. The camps have running water, with a full service toilet and shower. In addition to the three guest tents, each camp also has a main cook tent that is used for serving breakfast and dinner. It also serves as a central meeting place for the beginning and ending of each day. This is where you will share fishing stories and laughter often late into the night. The camps are staffed with two experienced guides as well as a camp chef to take care of all of your needs. Both camps have state of the art satellite phones should communication with the lodge be necessary. They are accessed via float planes, which add to the whole experience.

A 7 night stay at the lodge, including return flights from Anchorage to Dillingham and the fly outs to the outcamps, is US$11,150. Shorter stays are available, with a 3 day stay being US$5,550. There are family weeks available, where children can visit for half price. Please make contact for more information. 

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