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FishTravel is owned by Steffan Jones, who is based in Wales, UK.

Being a fanatical angler since his grandparents bought him a telescopic rod at the age of four, making a living through what he loves became a natural progression.

From guiding and organising fishing trips on his local rivers since he was sixteen, through to working within the travel industry over the last fifteen for two established fishing travel companies. Steffan now brings his wealth of experience to FishTravel.

Travel has always been an obsession. Steffan has a particular interest in South America, having visited Argentina and Chile every winter for the last twenty-three years and fished over ten different rivers on Tierra del Fuego alone. He was also one of the first to ever fish Tsimane in Bolivia and Kendjam in Brazil. Beyond this, he has extensive knowledge of a myriad of other area and countries. 

Steffan is always willing to help whenever he can, so please do make contact or call (+44) 07879 898 344.



FishTravel not only aims to do things differently, it also aims to do them better. We are not a big company, and do not aspire to be. We are a boutique fishing travel company that offers an unrivalled personal service, where quality supersedes quantity.

1. A fully tailored service where you call the shots. We don’t believe in providing an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, unless that’s what you want.

2. FishTravel offers the fairest exchange rate in the business. This could literally save you hundreds on a booking. 

3. We never charge more versus booking direct. In fact, booking through FishTravel will not only save you money but also protect your money if something goes wrong. Why take the risk?

4. We will always try and beat a competitor’s price, whilst also providing you with additional extras and a better level of service.

5. FishTravel’s advice is totally unbiased. We will tailor you to the correct product, not the other way around because of some contract we need to fill. FishTravel offers a myriad of options for a reason; these different lodges will suit different people.

6. FishTravel speaks your language. We are immersed in the fishing world; whether that be unrivalled insight on a destination, through to the correct flies, and latest kit. 

7. If we haven’t got the space or if we don’t believe a product will fit you perfectly then we will tell you, enabling you to make an informed decision, rather than selling you inferior space or something that FishTravel knows won’t be suitable for you.

8. FishTravel is a boutique business. We are the underdog. If you fancy a change or prefer to support a small family business then we’re the one for you and you will be treated as family in return.

A truly unbiased and fair fishing travel agent.