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Being just under 45km from Reykjavik, the Brynjudalsa River, lis easily reached. Just a forty minute drive from the capital puts you in the top end of a remote fjord – a paradise. It is a pleasure to visit for the scenery and solitude alone.

The superbly positioned, recently refurbished lodge overlooks a picture-postcard scene of the river valley, accommodating just two anglers per week. 

You have the river to explore exclusively and there’s a decent head of both salmon and sea trout present.


The Brynjudalsa is a small river located within easy reach of Reykjavik. It takes just two rods at a time (rod sharing available), with miles of water to explore during your stay for both salmon and sea trout. Due to the water clarity and nature of the river, the Brynjudalsa is a dream river to fish the hitch on, which is one of the most productive methods on the river. With normal conditions, you can easily spot the sea trout and salmon in the pools and witness them moving to your fly. You can also dry fly fish or ‘dry-dropper’ fish for the sea trout, which works extremely well. This is a small, gin clear river, so the fish can be spooky – care should be taken during your approach.

The Brynjudalsa is very easy to get to, being just forty minutes from Reykjavik and around ninety minutes from Keflavik. This means you can arrive into Iceland the morning of fishing and leave in the afternoon of your final day, making it a great option for those on tight schedules. 


There is a healthy run of both salmon and sea trout in the Brynjudalsa, with fish being easy to see in most of the prolific pools. The river has a fantastic character; being quite rocky and cascading in the lower section around the lodge, but then being slower and meandering in the upper section around the meadows. 

It’s a relatively small river, so you do not need anything other than a single hander. A 10ft #7 would cover most eventualities. However, you may also choose to bring a lighter setup to target the sea trout on nymphs or dry fly, whereby a 9ft for a #4 would be well suited. 

You only need a floating line, so you can travel light to the Brynjudalsa. 

accommodation and pricing

The lodge is spacious, comfortable, modern and very well appointed; the scenery and vista from the lodge is truly breathtaking. One of the bedrooms has a mountain view, with the other overlooking the river valley. 

Both bedrooms have two single beds. If taking the lodge exclusively for two rods, then you can have a room each. However, the lodge and location is a wonderful place to bring non-fishing friends and family, so room sharing is totally fine and feasible. Both bedrooms are en-suite. Linen and towels supplied.

The lodge is self-catering, so you should stock up on supplies in Reykjavik, or take a drive to Borgarnes. There are ample cooking utensils at the lodge. Hot water and electricity is 24hr and there is wi-fi at the lodge. 

This is a great lodge to use as a base to explore the area, making it much more than just about the fishing. 

For costs and availability please contact FishTravel, who will gladly assist you and advise you on the best time to visit. 

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