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A small, EXTREMELY exclusive PROPERTY on the middle Rio Grande. Just 4 rods per week with private fishing on 12 miles of the Rio Grande IN ARGENTINA. Perfect for intact groups.


An extremely exclusive estancia on the Rio Grande in Argentina, located immediately above Aurelia and extending to the border with Chile and Cameron Lodge. The main house  provides an attentive environment where you feel part of the family. Fantastic fishing along the Rio Grande, where the estancia has exclusive access to 12 miles double bank to just 4 rods per week!


Estancia San Jose has been primarily used as a private residence over recent years. However, it is now available exclusively in the European marketplace through FishTravel and it is most certainly one of our flagship properties. Make no mistake, this is a special place.   

The 24,000 acre estancia is located within easy reach of Rio Grande town, which is located around 90 minutes drive away. From the lodge, the river is a mere five minutes drive to the closest and some of the most productive water on the whole of the Rio Grande. It is located just above Aurelia Lodge and the fishing extends all the way to the border with Chile where Cameron Lodge takes over. This is still very much the middle reaches of the river when viewed in its entirety. 

The small, intimate home environment provides an attentive and welcoming atmosphere. The team run a tight ship and are always around to help and make sure you have the best experience possible. Estancia San Jose really does provide an experience like no other on the river – we should know, we have visited them all.  

With just 4 rods per week and access to 12 miles of the Rio Grande on both banks (they have sole access and fishing rights to both banks – no water sharing), we’re confident you will enjoy this unique experience. This is the perfect option for intact groups and also for non-fishers looking to relax in beautiful surroundings.


Estancia San Jose provides a unique experience on the Rio Grande, given that it controls exclusive fishing access on both banks of the river, whereas most other lodges along the river rotate the fishing according to left / right bank ownership. 

San Jose has exclusive access to 12 miles of the Rio Grande, with a great road network along the river connecting notable pools. In general, the wading is very easy, with the riverbed being mainly fine gravel. The property accommodates just 4 anglers per week, equating to 3 miles of water per rod! Beyond that, and perhaps more importantly, you can always be assured that the water is being rested, which is a massive bonus if the water levels are low.

The nearest section is just 15 minutes drive from the property, which then enables access to a network of roads that span the entire estancia. There are interesting twists and turns all the way along the beat, along with some notable and famous holding pools that hold fish throughout the season. A lot of the water is largely left untouched nowadays, which makes it a perfect location for those that like to explore. 

Lunch is usually served back at the main house. However, there is also a riverside cabin where lunch or a barbecue can be had during your stay, or a refuge if you’re after some respite. 

accommodation and pricing

Have an enjoyable day on the river and return to the comforts of the warm, welcoming home in the evening. The main property is rare on the island, given that it’s a solid stone construction, which is both pleasant and inviting, especially with the beautiful flora and fauna encompassing the main curtilage. 

Within the property each room is beautifully furnished and appointed, being extremely luxurious and a great place to start and end your day. The staff are extremely attentive and will always be around to help out with your requests. The food is amazing – prepare to return home at least a few pounds heavier…

We’re confident that after you have experienced Estancia San Jose that it will become an annual pilgrimage – it’s that type of place, rather than a tick-box. 

Cost of a week is US$6,825 per angler based on four anglers (two anglers per guide). There is a minimum booking of two rods per week. The cost includes single rooms as standard and also local transfers (Rio Grande). The cost does not include the fishing licence cost, which is US$330 per rod and paid in advance of arrival. Fantastic value for money, especially given the exclusive nature of the fishing and the lodge. San Jose is the perfect option for smaller, intact parties and even for non-anglers looking to relax or explore the surrounding landscape.

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