Based on the success of the 2024 season Youth Week at Aurelia Lodge, FishTravel, in association with AURELIA LODGE, is pleased to announce that they will once again be offered for the 2025 season. At the moment, one week is on offer, but further weeks will be added based on demand.

This will be an amazing opportunity to fish and explore the Rio Grande in Argentina at a discounted rate, in the hope of providing younger anglers with the chance to fish this revered sea trout river.  For the 2025 season, the first week on offer will be the 17-24th January 2025. 10-17th January may also be added, based on demand.

These weeks are by no means bad weeks and there will 100% be sea trout present; virtually everything you catch will be fresh. This would be akin to fishing a British river for sea trout in June. The weeks will not be changed in terms of level of service or schedule. It will still be a maximum of four rods each week, with each angler receiving a single room as standard and fishing two anglers per guide. The price will include all meals and drinks, your fishing licence cost and also transfers to / from the airport in Rio Grande. The cost does not include flights, costs in Buenos Aires (transfers and hotel stays), tips. Standard cost is US$6,990. However, these youth weeks will be offered at US$3,990 per rod (around £3,220 at the current exchange rate).

FishTravel is also happy to make a dispensation on the regular payment format (50% deposit and 50% balance) and accept payment in instalments if needed, to help make the weeks accessible to more. To be eligible, you just need to be 35 years old or younger at the time of booking. Single rods or intact parties entertained. Aurelia Lodge is located on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande, immediately above Kau Tapen Lodge. They have access to around 8 miles of the Rio Grande along with some 15+ miles of the Rio Menendez, which you may also fish during your stay, if you wish – it is also a great contingency if the main river is too high / coloured. WHY TRAVEL TO SOUTH AMERICA FOR SEA TROUT?

  1. The average weight of Rio Grande sea trout over a season is around 9 lbs with 1 in 5 being over 15 lbs and 1 in 50 will tip the scales between 20-25 lbs!
  2. Fishing pressure has actually decreased on the river over the last decade; this is due to the lodges lowering the amount of rods they accept on a weekly basis, which means less fishing pressure on the whole.
  3. The run of sea trout in the Rio Grande is estimated at between 50,000-75,000. In fact, during the last study in 2008 it was estimated at closer to 85,000!
  4. Catch expectancy is around 2 – 4 landed sea trout per rod per day. This does not include lost fish and most lodges do not count fish under 6 lbs. This works out at 12-24 sea trout per rod over a six day fishing period, but some anglers will catch almost double that, as was the case in the 2017 season, for example.
  5. Sea trout in the Rio Grande are on average 17% heavier compared with sea trout from elsewhere of the same length. They are also on average 14-21% heavier than Atlantic salmon of the same length.

Hopefully this has whet your appetite.

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