Currently ranked as the #7 best salmon river in Iceland, producing over 1,000 during the 2023 season. The Nordura is located on the west coast of Iceland and is within easy reach of the Reykjavik and Keflavik. The Nordura river is renowned as an early season river, producing good numbers in June and early July.  


Being just under 100km from Reykjavik, the Nordura River, located near the town of Borgarnes in the west of Iceland, is easily reached. Just a ninety minute drive from the capital puts you on what is currently ranked as the fifth best salmon river in Iceland!

The well positioned lodge that overlooks a picture-postcard scene of the river valley, accommodates up to 15 anglers per week, fishing over some 150 named pools.

The Nordura is noted as an early river, with June and early July being a prolific period.

The Nordura is one of the most prolific and consistent rivers in the whole of Iceland, producing on average around 1,500 Atlantic salmon to rod and line annually (1,087 in 2023 and 1,352 in 2022).

The lodge has fishing on some 150 pools at your disposal with some of the most prolific and scenic ones being right below the lodge itself. There are up to 15 rods available at a time (some of the earlier weeks are limited to 12, before the fish have fully moved through the system), usually fishing two rods per guide.

There is also a decent run of sea trout in the Nordura, which are seldom targeted but do often make an appearance as a by-catch.

Due to the size of the river, a short double hander is the best tool for covering the water in the early part of the season and /or when the river is high; A 12ft rod is ideal, complimented with a floating line. However, for the majority of the season, a single hander is perfect and will cover the majority of the river – something like a 10ft for a #7 or #8 is ideal, with the extra length making hitch fishing easier. You only need a floating line. The knowledgeable guide team will soon put you right on the fly front. There is a well stocked fly box on site that covers all your fly needs.

The lodge is spacious, comfortable, modern and very well appointed – most of the rooms overlook the river valley and one of the most scenic vistas on the whole river. This section of the river is also one of the most productive on the whole river and accounts for hundreds of salmon per season alone!

All rooms are en-suite, each one being well furnished and spacious. Rooms are single based, unless you are rod sharing, in which case they’re shared. There are also plenty of additional rooms should non-anglers want to stay at the lodge and enjoy / experience the beautiful location.

2024 SEASON PRICES & AVAILABILITY – correct as of 27/10/23
18-21 June – £5,486 per rod
24-27 June – £6,132 per rod
27-30 June – £6,887 per rod
12-15 July – £7,502 per rod
15-18 July – £7,502 per rod
18-21 July – £7,275 per rod
21-24 July – £7,211 per rod
24-27 July – £7,211 per rod
4-7 August – £4,796 per rod*
19-22 August – £3,502 per rod*
6-9 September – £3,071 per rod*

These prices include a single room at the lodge, scheduled transfers to / from Reykjavik, meals, guiding (two anglers per guide). For rod share prices (great value for money) please make contact. Weeks marked with * do not include transfers to / from Reykjavik, but can easily be arranged.

Click HERE for a complete lodge, river and fishing overview video. 

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