The Laxa i Kjos is one of the best salmon (and sea trout!) rivers in Iceland, and is within very easy reach of Reykjavik – less than an hour by road. The Laxa i Kjos is located on the west coast of Iceland, around 35km north of Reykjavik, making it a perfect choice for those on a tight schedule (you can arrive in the morning and be fishing by the afternoon!). The Kjos has a healthy run of grilse, but it also produces a good number of larger salmon, and also sea trout into double figures – a fantastic river for those looking for a bit of variety. It is a very pretty river, and it also a hitch-angler’s dream, especially with the crystal clear water where you can often watch the salmon’s reaction.  


The well positioned and beautifully furnished lodge overlooks a picture-postcard scene of the river valley (the lodge is in the centre of the image below), accommodating up to 8 anglers per week, fishing over some 80 named pools in both the main Kjos and then the Bugda River, which is a notable and prolific tributary of the Kjos.

Prime time on the river is mid-July through to early August.

The Nordura is one of the most prolific and consistent rivers in the whole of Iceland, normally producing over 1,000 Atlantic salmon to rod and line annually (603 in 2023 and 1,017 in 2022).

The lodge has fishing on some 80 pools at your disposal with some of the most prolific and scenic ones being right beside the lodge itself. There are up to 8 rods available at a time, fishing two rods per guide.

There is also a decent run of sea trout in the Kjos, which can be targeted in earnest on the meadows section. Fish of up to 20 lbs have been recorded – targeted on dry fly and nymph.

Due to the size of the river, and for the majority of the season, a single hander is perfect and will cover the majority of the river – something like a 10ft for a #7 or #8 is ideal, with the extra length making hitch fishing easier. You only need a floating line. The knowledgeable guide team will soon put you right on the fly front. You can bring a short double hander / switch rod too if you wish, especially if the river is running higher than normal.

The lodge is spacious, comfortable, modern, well appointed, and very well equipped – most of the rooms overlook the river valley and one of the most scenic vistas on the whole river. This section of the river is also one of the most productive on the whole river and accounts for hundreds of salmon per season alone!

All rooms are en-suite, each one being well furnished and spacious. Rooms are single based, unless you are rod sharing, in which case they’re shared.

2024 SEASON PRICES & AVAILABILITY – correct as of 16/11/23
2-5 August – £5,710 per rod (4 rods available)
5-8 August – £4,930 per rod (4 rods available)

Alternatively, and for those looking for an extended stay, you can do 2-8th August for £10,180.

These prices include a single room at the lodge, scheduled transfers to / from Reykjavik, meals, guiding (two anglers per guide). For rod share prices (great value for money) please make contact.

If any of these offers or availability is of interest please contact Steffan Jones at