Iceland is one of the last places you can travel to and expect to experience healthy runs and good fishing for Atlantic salmon. In addition to this, the rivers and surrounding landscape make for one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, let alone wet a line.

There are a myriad of rivers to choose from when visiting, each with their own appeal. FishTravel has a cherry-picked portfolio on offer, which it believes represents some of the best of what the country has to offer. The below is a small selection of what FishTravel offers; please do make contact if you would like to explore other options or address suitability of these rivers to your particular circumstances.

The following prices are for full rods (displayed price is per rod) and are usually based on a three or six day stay. If you would like explore rod sharing, please do make contact for prices – this is a great option, as the twelve hour fishing days are too much for some but also rod sharing makes it great value for money. These prices are correct as of time of publishing (29/03/2023), but may fluctuate according to the strength of the ISK (Icelandic Krona).

The Nordura is a beautiful river, located on the west coast of Iceland near the town of Borgarnes. It is within easy each of Reykavik, being just a ninety minute transfer. The Nordura is famous as an early season river and is currently ranked as the fifth most prolific salmon river in the whole of Iceland. The rivers produced 1,352 salmon in the 2022 season.

JUNE 18-21                      £4,744
JUNE 21-24                      £5,162
JUNE 27-30                      £5,998
JULY 21-24                       £6,626
JULY 24-27                       £6,626
AUGUST 4-7                    £4,536
AUGUST 19-22                £3,385
AUGUST 28-31                £3,176
SEPTEMBER 3-6             £2,967
SEPTEMBER 6-9             £2,967

JUNE 18-24                      £9,475
JULY 21-27                       £12.676
SEPTEMBER 3-9             £5,676


The Midfjardara is a stunning river, located in the north-west of Iceland, around 3 hours by road from Reykjavik. The Midfjardara is ranked as the best salmon river in Iceland in terms of a naturally reproducing river i.e. not hatchery/smolt release dependent. Overall, it is ranked number three, after the East and West Ranga. In 2022 alone the river produced 1,522 salmon to rod and line.

The Midfjardara is revered for its crystal clear water where you can easily spot the salmon in the pools and witness their reaction and interception to a fly. This really is one of the gems of the Atlantic salmon fishing world, let alone Iceland.

JULY 18-21                                    – 2 RODS
AUGUST 8-11                                – 1 ROD
AUGUST 11-14                              – 1 ROD
AUGUST 29 – SEPTEMBER 1       – 2 RODS


The Stora Laxa is one of the most beautiful rivers in the whole of Iceland. It is easily accessed by road from either Keflavik or Reykjavik, being just 150km from the capital. The character of the river changes a lot; from the canyons and cascading upper river, through to the relatively slower and meandering lower river with open meadows. It is a joy to fish and is one of Iceland’s hidden gems. It is currently ranked number 12 in the whole of Iceland, producing 934 salmon in the 2022 season, with very little angling pressure.

The Stora Laxa has two lodges to choose from. The Upper Lodge is best suited to the younger, fitter and more adventurous angler, due to the terrain to be found along the river here. The Lower Lodge is to a higher standard and also better suits those looking for easier access.

Please note that there is a minimum booking requirement of two rods at a time on the Stora Laxa.


JULY 21-24            £5,331
JULY 24-27            £5,331
AUGUST 8-11        £3,792
AUGUST 20-23      £4,600
AUGUST 23-26      £4,600

JULY 21-27             £10,199
AUGUST 20-26       £8,800


JULY 3-6                £2,400
JULY 21-24            £2,400
JULY 24-27            £2,400
JULY 27-30            £2,400
AUGUST 1-4          £1,950
AUGUST 3-6          £1,950

JULY 21-27             £4,600
JULY 24-30             £4,600


A River that needs to introduction. This is ranked as the number one salmon river in the whole of Iceland. In 2022 alone it produced 5,086 salmon to rod and line. This is a larger river and is better suited to those that prefer fishing with double handers. The lodge and river is easily reached from Keflavik and Reykjavik, being just 100km from the capital. It is located near the town of Hella, on the south coast.

The West Ranga is sold in two day increments. As such, 2, 4 or 6 day stays are possible.

JUNE 21-25                                  £5,274 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
JUNE 27-28                                  £2,637 – (2 DAYS FISHING)
AUGUST 17-21                            £8,460 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
AUGUST 21-25                            £8,106 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
AUGUST 25-29                            £8,106 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
AUGUST 29 – SEPTEMBER 2     £6,690 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
SEPTEMBER 2-6                         £6,690 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
SEPTEMBER 12-16                     £7,398 – (4 DAYS FISHING)
SEPTEMBER 18-22                     £5,982 – (4 DAYS FISHING)

All availability showing as 4 days can be split into 2 days if you prefer a shorter stay. Also, if there is a slot immediately before or after showing availability, then you may extend your stay into a 6 day stay or more.


Looking to escape and have a little slice of Icelandic heaven just to you and a friend? Or perhaps somewhere to combine a fishing stay with some sightseeing? Then the Brynjudalsa is the one for you. FishTravel loves the Brynjudalsa after visiting it in 2022. It is worth visting for views alone! It is a self-catering option, located just 45km from Reykjavik. The Brynjudalsa is a two rod river – you get the sea trout and salmon fishing exclusively to just two rods! It is great value for money and one you really should take a look at.

x2 rods taking the fishing and lodge exclusively for 3 days and 3 nights; £3,200 in total, or £1,600 each (equivalent of just £535 per day!). 
x4 people sharing the lodge and rods (only 2 rods fishing at a time) for 3 days and 3 nights; £3,400 in total, or £850 each (equivalent of just £285 per day!)

The lodge is self-catering and there are ample utensils supplied at the lodge, with supplies easy to obtain in either Reykjavik or Borgarnes. These costs do not include guiding or transfers, which can be arranged at an additional cost. Linen, towels, electricity, warm water etc. included as standard.


If any of these rivers or availability is of interest please contact Steffan Jones on 07879 898 344 or email