FishTravel has an underpinned ethos of doing everything within our power to be environmentally friendly. Preserving if not enhancing the natural environment and leaving nothing but footsteps on our path.

With this firmly in mind and to show that FishTravel is not just about making money, but trying to give something back in the process, we have had handmade shampoo bars made that are made of 100% natural ingredients. These bars will be supplied to every angler that books with us and there’s a choice of ingredients from Coconut & Lime, Tea Tree & Peppermint, Cucumber & Mint, through to Citrus Blast.

They lather extremely well and one bar will last you for a week’s stay. No harsh chemicals or ingredients to enter the natural environment.

We can think of nothing worse than travelling to remote, virgin environments to then pollute the ground with modern chemicals. Just a little thing that could possibly make a big difference when extrapolated over many years.